Big Data solutions

GM Crawl : identifies and collects data from the internet and social networks

Collection of publicly-available information from the Internet

GM Crawl is an innovative web data collection engine with a number of advantages:
• It gathers not only Open Data, but potentially any publicly-available online data
• Its anonymous mode that protects the user’s identity
• A high capacity for parallelism: the crawlers can work in parallel, which further improves already impressive productivity levels
• It doesn't just gather information, but can also detect inter- and intra-web page structures (patented technology),
• Our technology ensures that even relatively light infrastructures can run the crawlers
• Lastly, it's largely unaffected by changes to the source format, which reduces the risk of successive configurations.

Furthermore, GM Crawl is not limited to web data. It can also be integrated into company Information Systems to create a massive, Big Data-type database, allowing you to take advantage of all the possibilities afforded by this technology (database, logs, e-mail, Intranet, HRMS, wiki, etc.).

The Crawler is easy to install and extremely innovative (patented), making it a unique, light, high-performance, multi-source, multi-protocol product. GM Crawl allows you to feed massive amounts of information into a database such as Business Intelligence and/or Big Data.

GM Crawl has three other associated products that together provide a complete Big Data solution to address all the user's needs.

GM Search : categorizes, indexes, structures data

A multidimensional and unifying search engine (data virtualisation)

GM Search is a new type of search engine:

Structuring: GM Search can index information in a structured way to make it possible to use a Big Data approach without the additional cost of data organisation. GM Search can thus be used as a vertical search engine to target a specific business need.
Multi-protocol: GM Search can also create an index using a variety of different protocols, not just the Web. This means that it can conduct a direct search of all the information within an information system.
Fast : One of GM Search's main advantages is its speed. The fact that it functions in a very structured way means that it can conduct searches on particular data subsets, increasing its efficiency.
Virtualised: By structuring data, GM Search uses a unified business model that comes from your different data sources. The model that is developed is based on your company’s existing IS. There is no need to conduct a data virtualisation study: since GM Search uses your existing data, you'll obtain a model that is operational and corresponds perfectly to your IS.
Statistics-based: You’ll have access to a range of algorithms to manage the information, which will allow you to use a ‘matching' or relevant information approach that is distinct from the traditional approach (where the pertinence of results is mainly based on the number of keywords on the page).
Horizontal: For non-structured data, GM Search can also use a traditional horizontal approach alongside its vertical approach. Nothing remains inaccessible!

A simple back office to easely drive your Business Infosphere

Set your Infosphere adding URLs and domains

Manage your Infosphere
(to learn more)

A live example of GM Search deployed as a business solution for HR Sourcing GM Recruitment

GM Analytics : data exloitation

Very high-volume analysis

GM Analytics addresses performance issues that arise when processing very large data sets:

Data merging/reconciliation
Data analysis
Data exploitation using statistical and semantic approaches
Predictive analysis
CRM updates
Data enrichment

GM Analytics is able to répondre à vos questions in record time.

As a result, you'll be able to cross-reference very high volumes of data from different sources without worrying about processing time...

… thus revealing strategic information that you didn't even know existed!

GM DataViz : visualize information

A simplified and user-friendly representation of complex and multidimensional information from Big Data

“Too much information kills information”: Big Data can create new problems.

There are two major issues:

1. Finding the answer to a question
2. Pulling out strategic information

We provide a simple and innovative solution that presents information in graphic form, allowing you to review a specific data set and adjust different parameters.
You'll not only get the answer you need, but may even find answers that you weren't even looking for!

In order to resolve problems with the visualisation of information, aleph-networks has developed a technological partnership with Linkurious – try it out, we’re sure you'll be impressed! Go to: