Both of aleph-networks' technologies were developed by a team of engineers who have worked for more than 15 years in the leading-edge sectors of the IT industry. aleph-networks' founders have also made it a point to surround ourselves with people with a variety of both rare and complementary skills, which ensures that we can being a different perspective to the business that we advise.

Partner – CEO

Partner – CTO

Partner – Marketing & Communications Director

Business Development

Executive Assistant

Production Manager

Business Development

Graphic Designer

And a network of more than 10 Data Scientists

People with true cutting-edge skills are hard to find. One of aleph-networks’ strengths is that we have been able to leverage our contacts over the years in order to surround ourselves with experts in data organisation and processing. Our key priorities in building our network were diversity and expertise, and we can now count on more than a dozen resources.
As part of our collaborative approach, interdisciplinarity and knowledge transmission are key to the continued success of our network.