Our technologies

Aleph - GrayMatter

aleph-networks' patented GrayMatter technology will guarantee that your activity remains completely confidential.

Our solutions can be used in SaaS mode, in a Private Network, or under Licence.

The web 2.0 has made a great deal of information available online, but it's still hard to access the information effectively. GrayMatter provides solutions for rapid data collection, qualitative research, and business-oriented analysis.

As a result, GrayMatter is able to pull out the most useful information. GrayMatter integrates a business approach, Big Data issues, and intelligence algorithms related to information theory.

GrayMatter highlights two very complex issues: access to and management of public data. Helping you manage data means pulling out strategic information, and meaning, and therefore value.

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Cybersecurity : protecting data and the transfer of sensitive information

SafetyGate is a technology to guarantee that strategic digital data is protected:
• An IT solution to protect the individual sending the information
• A user-friendly interface that provides access to a highly-secure, private, decentralized network
• A guarantee that your communications remain anonymous and that any associated files are indestructible